Intention Gathering



An intention gathering is the perfect way to plan your ideas and thoughts for the year – good-bye new years resolutions – hello intentions!







In mid January we took part in an amazing “Intention Gathering” where we sat amongst a small group of 9 inspiring and strong women to set our intentions and plan for the year, with the guidance of our good friend and contributor Kylie Bartlett. In this article Karen and Teegan reflect on the day and what they go out of the intention breakfast, and we hope you make time to do your own too! !
Download a copy of our Intention Gathering questions, buy yourself a journal to write down your answers and thoughts, and set about creating a vision board. If you have friends interested in doing the same you could even hold your own Intention Gathering – good food, green smoothies and tea will make it a beautiful way to spend an afternoon. And please share with us your thoughts, challenges and successes. Here’s to making 2014 your best year yet.

Teegan’s Account

Before the intention gathering I had attended a good friends baby shower. I’d been surrounded by inspiring women at the baby shower, many of whome I had known since I was a little girl and had similar upbringing and values as me. I left the baby shower to walk into the intention gathering where I was also surrounded by more inspiring women, this time – new women who had come into my life only in the last year through this passion project, (gone full blow business) – Confetti Magazine.

I reflected on this a little… when the idea of collaborating with Honey and Karen on a magazine came about in late 2012, I never knew it would spiral into a collaboration, deep soul searching and friendship of more amazing women… but I am so grateful for that happening. I have learnt a whole new world about food, sustainability, sense of self, values and wellbeing and discovering a new thought process I never knew I had – just by being around these new friends.

It was perfect timing when Kylie stood up in front of the gorgeous natural table setting that Karen had styled. She showed us a list of questions that we would explore today… “…reflect on 2013, what was so great about it, what wasn’t so great – then say goodbye 2013 ….thanks for the memories!”.

When you start to write the “what was so great/not so great about 2013” list down, you realise you have a lot more to be grateful for. So it sparked another thing I should be grateful for – enjoying everyday. I thought about how every single day is different. The interactions with people are unique, I create, make and eat a collection of foods that the exact combination probably won’t happen again in my life-time! And when I look up at the sky, the clouds will possibly never form that same pattern again – so everyday is definitely unique and special. All of this thinking, made me realise I need to be more “present and connected” on a daily basis. Each day is given to us and we rush about not even noticing it!

Then I realised, that was the very one thing I really dis-liked about 2013 – the chaos and lack of calmness and being connected with people, food and nature everyday. I run a business where I sit in an office or bounce between meetings everyday and rarely get to go outside to just sit and enjoy nature a little, call a friend or notice every bite as I eat a meal. Being connected with these things make me grateful that I have been given this day.

Honey went about photographing everyone as Kylie continued to speak – she captured our reactions and deep thought as we journalled away the answers to the question sheet. There was a real buzz in the air – I think everyone knew the intention gathering was going to be something very special. By the end of the questions everyone had come up with one word – you’re “intention word” for 2014.

My intention word is “calm” …From calm I also get a lot of other words to make “calm” – things like gratitude, connection, nourishment, movement, organisation and love (self and giving). These words filled my mood board in a visual way with clippings from magazines.

During the reflection and mood board creation, everyone spoke out loud about questions they were facing, and some spoke amongst themselves, everyone was helping and guiding each other. The great thing was you felt at peace – you didn’t feel judged or uncomfortable, you had the support of friends around you who genuinely had your 2014 intentions in their focus too. This makes us all accountable for our intentions when we all meet at the end of the year.

With the word “calm” in my sight – 2014 will be very rewarding, I just know it!

Karen’s Account

“What do I want to happen in 2014?” “What do I want to call into my life?” “What is my purpose?”

Whoa. When you really take the time to think about it, these are actually very difficult questions to answer. Of course, we could all answer with “I want to win $50 million in the lotto, call a private jet into my life and spend the year travelling the world in luxury…with Ryan Gosling…and a private chef…and my own personal yoga instructor…and since I’d miss my kids, better throw a nanny in there too.”

But let’s get serious here. Or should I say, realistic. After all, there’s no point setting goals that are highly unachievable and unlikely to ever, ever happen. Then again, that’s often what new year’s resolutions are!

So why do so many people (myself included) always seem to fail at achieving their new year goals? Perhaps it’s because the goals we set are too big. Or perhaps it’s because we don’t take the time to think about what we REALLY want, what will REALLY make us happy. Then of course we don’t bother to set a plan to succeed either. Nice.

Like they say, you can’t expect a business to succeed without a solid foundation of planning. Maybe the same goes for us and our goals?

I found myself sitting at a table with a group of nine women at an Intention Gathering, answering questions about my purpose in life. Our group leader, Kylie, explains to us that in order to set our intentions for the year we need to start by looking back on 2013 and writing down what we were grateful for. Hmmm. That’s a tough one for me. 2013 was, let’s just say, not fun, and I was glad to see the end of it. But as Kylie points out to me, I need to put those bad feelings aside and think about the good things from my year – there must have been many if I really thought about it. And she’s right. My beautiful children and the laughter and joy they brought into my home, a spunky and always supportive husband, a family that would drop everything and rush to our side at a moments notice, a Prep teacher who made my little boy’s first year at school an absolute blessing… the list ended up being a long one.

“It’s not until we look back on the things that we are grateful for that we start to realise the things that are truly important in our lives. And this helps us to think about what it is that we really want and what will make us truly happy. And believe it or not, it’s not $50 million, Ryan Gosling and a private jet.

For me 2014 will be about personal growth and rebuilding. Finding and building a new home where my family can thrive, committing with renewed energy to my career, becoming more calm, focussed and present in every day, letting go of my ideas of being a ‘perfect’ mother (OCD – guilty as charged!), having faith and following my gut instincts, and finally, giving myself permission to make ‘me’ a priority too.

I’m feeling hopeful and excited about the year ahead!

Click here to download your own Intention Worksheet, and try it for yourself!