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Confetti Mag is a celebrations, food and lifestyle magazine designed to inspire and entertain. Through a collection of feature stories, beautiful photography, innovative ideas, recipes, interviews, styling tips and DIY’s the magazine focuses on living life in a more conscious and meaningful way.

Confetti Mag is completely ad-free. This helps us to maintain the integrity of the magazine and ensures that we only feature content that is 100% honest, sincere and about things that we genuinely find interesting. For our readers this means they can enjoy an online space that is free from links, sponsored articles and advertisements.

However, if you have a product or service that you think may be of interest to our readers, please feel free to write to us and tell us about it. We’re always interested in hearing from passionate people!




We extend a warm and friendly invitation to passionate individuals who, just like us, are looking for a creative outlet. If you appreciate good food, enjoy gatherings with loved ones, have an interest in living a more conscious life, and just don’t feel fulfilled unless you can express your creativity, then you’ll likely fit into the Confetti team like a proverbial glove!

Confetti Mag is produced by a small group of creatives located in the North Queensland coastal town of Townsville, but our team of contributors is growing to include people from all over Australia. We love hearing about how others celebrate, gather and live a fulfilling life…and so do our readers.

We are always on the lookout for photographers, writers, chefs, artists, designers and other creatives to help us grow Confetti Mag and contribute quality content. If you would like to be involved, email


Submission Guidelines:


Have a browse around our site and get a feel for the Confetti style. If you are digging it, and want to be involved, then read on!
* Confetti is a visual publication. High resolution, professional, creative photographs are essential. It is preferred that copy is provided with the submission however our staff writers can assist if necessary.
* Content must be original and not previously published in print or digital media. If you have previously published images on social media, please link us to the post(s) when submitting your images.
* You must have permission to use images (if you are not the photographer) and release forms from all talent/models.
* Confetti aims to inspire our readers to create their own beautiful celebrations and gatherings, so your submission should be something that can be emulated by a non professional audience.
* If product placement acknowledgement is required, ideally items should be available online or readily available to both city and regional customers.
* You will not be paid for the submission. Successful submissions will be acknowledged with appropriate credits on the website and in any social media posts.
* While we appreciate all submissions, there are limited places available and we cannot guarantee that all submissions will be published.
* Submissions should be emailed to

We appreciate all submissions and will aim to respond to your email as soon as possible. If you don’t hear from us within 2 weeks, please don’t be dis-heartened – we’re probably just not the right fit, but wish you every success in your creative ventures.




If you have a product or business that you think our readers would be interested in then we would love to hear from you. Please note that we favour Australian made, handmade, recycled, sustainable, earth conscious, charitable, health conscious, affordable, accessible or easy to obtain, stylish and well designed products and businesses with integrity.