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Confetti Mag is a celebrations, food and lifestyle magazine designed to inspire and entertain. Through a collection of feature stories, beautiful photography, innovative ideas, recipes, interviews, styling tips and DIY’s the magazine focuses on living life in a more conscious and meaningful way.

Filled with creative, fresh, original content, Confetti inspires readers to celebrate any occasion, big or small, with simplicity, style and creativity.  We feature people that are as passionate about what they do as we are, people who inspire us and who we think will inspire you.  The gatherings we feature are about the coming together of sweet family and friends – they are not about spending lots of money or the latest ‘must-have’ products.  On occasion we feature hand-picked items and suppliers that we love. More often than not we favour items that are recycled or repurposed, handmade, sourced locally and that are produced through environmentally friendly, sustainable practises. 

Welcome. Join us and help spread the confetti.



Through lots of blood (paper cuts – ouch!), sweat and tears, we have recently launched our brand new website. The site is a mixture of content that is available to everyone and stories that are accessible by our online subscribers only. More info