Food Revolution Day


ISSUE 4 | Cooking

May the 16th Feed You!







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This Friday the 16th of May is Food Revolution Day, a day of global action started by the food-brave Jamie Oliver that promotes food education for all ages and is all about cooking food from scratch.

This is a day that aims to replenish what has become a lack of cooking skills, brought on by a newfound dependence on convenience foods, and takes a whack at the global obesity crisis.

This is a day that screams, ‘Lets cook, and let’s do it properly!’

This is my kind of day.

I take my (Chef) hat off to Jamie for thinking of a day like this. Learning the basics of cooking only makes for confidence in the kitchen, and therefore healthier choices. And while we all wish we had a Nona that could teach us how to cook hand made ravioli, not everyone is so food-blessed. FRD2014 is the food support needed by the modern eater.

Knowledge is power. So this #FRD2014 do your bit by sharing a recipe or asking someone with a knowledge of food for a recipe. Or better yet get them to show you how to cook it. There’s no shame in wanting to learn, cooking is definitely something you can never know enough about. It’s also a fantastic kind of learning, being that there is always a reward; the food.

In its 3rd year running, FRD2014 for this year is all about the kids, as Jamie says,“Children who learn how to cook are hungrier for healthy choices.” By teaching kids a respect for food at a young age we are setting them up for a lifetime of healthy food-rich choices. So if you have kids, take the time to cook with them, especially this Friday, and enrich their minds with food related stories and memories.

FRD2014 is a day to praise anything and everything food related. It’s all about creating a food culture that respects meals made from scratch and understands where our food comes from. So if you’ve made something from scratch in the kitchen or grown something bountiful in the garden, I encourage you to put a photo of it on Facebook with the hashtag #FRD2014. Food made possible by fooders. (Translation: food doers) that’s what FRD2014 is about.

To get involved visit food revolution day for more information and to sign up and show your support.

Lets make a lasting change to the food culture here in Australia!

As Jamie would say, big love.