Emmerson's Planting Party



Be inspired by Emmerson’s garden party that teaches children where their food comes from and is completely stress free!







As a stylist I think everyone always expects me to throw these incredible, elaborate birthday parties for my kids. And I have certainly done a couple of those in the past. But I learned very quickly how stressful and time consuming organising a child’s birthday party can be. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and that trait is not a good one to have when a party involves children!

So early on I learned to apply the ‘chill’ factor to these events. I have a few rules that I adhere to with my kids parties so that the party doesn’t end in me swearing I’ll never throw another kids party again…

here are my tips for a stress free kids birthday party:

TIP #1: Keep the numbers low. I usually only invite very close friends and family or it quickly gets out of control. You don’t want to spend your entire day in the kitchen making food for 50+ people. It is not fun for you or your child.

TIP #2:Pick a simple theme and don’t go overboard. Every item on the menu does not have to be in theme, and not everything has to be colour coordinated, labelled and perfectly synchronised.

TIP #3:Avoid a sweets table full of, well, sweets. You know what quickly turns a kids party into an out-of-control mud fight? Lots of sugar laden, screaming/crying, hyperactive kids. Instead opt for just a couple of your child’s favourite treats, include some fruit and some savoury options to fill little tummies.

TIP #4:Have an organised activity. If like me, you’re not into all the typical party games like pass the parcel and musical chairs (I really hated those games when I was little), organise a fun activity that’s a bit different. Refer to your theme for ideas, and there’s always Pinterest if you get stuck!

For Emme’s 4th birthday she originally requested a Tinkerbell party. I was a bit horrified. I can’t handle Disney themed anything. Thankfully she quickly changed her mind. Unfortunately it was to a Little Mermaid party. Seriously. But phew, that only lasted a few days.

Then she zoned in on a butterfly party. Awesome ….I can work with that! So we decided on a gardening/planting themed party, with the kids coming dressed as an animal or item from the garden. Emme was a butterfly, my son opted for a scarecrow.

For the party activity we made up little pots for each of the kids with child-sized gardening gloves, a little shovel and sunflower seeds. They all got to pot and plant their seeds and then take home the pots and accessories so they could watch their flowers grow. So this doubled as the take-home gift too.

The party was really relaxed and I was a very happy mamma because my girl had a blast. And that is what these parties are all about – creating happy, lasting memories for our children. xx