Eatly Party



For many of us, an overseas trip is an experience we’ll always remember fondly and treasure long after it’s over. So don’t just settle for sharing your precious photos on social media. Instead follow Confetti photographer Honey Atkinson’s lead and try a modern take on a slide-show night to share your experiences and joys with those closest to you.





For over a year now I have been meaning to have a mini exhibition/slide night with my friends to share my photos and food experiences from my Italy trip which happened in Spring 2012 (you can see my Italy trip photos here.)

I wanted the afternoon to be relaxed and interactive with not too much formality.

It’s incredible how busy life gets and how the most rewarding elements of life are put on the back burner. Finding time to celebrate and share your experiences and joys with those closest to you, really is a ‘must’. The saying “Joy shared, is Joy doubled” rings so true in the age of us screen obsessed communicators… whilst you still have the ability to share through a screen, nothing beats being face to face with someone while you laugh, drink wine, eat cheese and view photos (in print!!).

I was very keen to hold the party during a North QLD winter so our vegetable garden as at its best visually and it also gave me the chance to serve plenty of homegrown produce at the party.

The decorations below inspired by the Confetti Mag ‘Pasta Shoot’ in Issue 2… So simple, hanging rosemary and festoon lighting. Hanging herbs is always cheaper and easier when you have your own in the garden. My Rosemary bush is about two meters wide and loves a good prune!

The ‘Eataly’ feast started with a table full of…


Slow Roasted Tomatoes and Grilled Eggplant, picked straight from my garden.

Fresh Sour Dough + Jamon, a cured meat

Burrata Cheese, my favourite cheese from my trip (a form of Mozzarella with a super soft and oozy centre!) + Ashlee’s Warmed Olives.

The snacks were served with an Apertivo which was made up of Aperol, Prosecco, soda water, orange slices and mint. I created a ‘pop-up’ exhibition wall for my Italy holiday on the outside wall of my house that people could look through while they enjoyed their drinks.


I have had and attended quite a few pasta parties where guests are involved in making the pasta and every time they are a huge success. I love the idea of everyone’s hands moulding and shaping the food they are about to eat. I pre-made the dough in my Thermomix before the guests arrived so all the guests had to do was roll and cut. Click here to see our Pasta DIY on how to make pasta at home!

We had three pasta makers going at once so we could get through enough pasta to feed the whole party. The hanging rack below is our portable clothes line, or sometimes I use brooms sticks between chairs – whatever is available. I prefer to cut the pasta up by hand so it’s more rustic rather than cutting it with the Pasta maker. Everyone broke into groups to make the pasta and team Teegan, Sean and Jay tried to make the worlds longest piece of pasta!

We pre-made two sauces for the fresh pasta:

Bolognese – which was a blend of Jervoise Osso Bucco + Goat from a friend of a friend. The sauce I cooked over two sessions so we could get the most flavour out of the meat and bones.

Lemon butter – a combo of lemon rind, butter and Parmesan cheese.


We served sweet little expresso with Biscotti (made by my mum), Cannoli (supplied by Megan) and Tiramisu (made by me).

About a week before the party Stew and I brewed up a delicious Limoncello drink. Its simple and so worth it… In the south of Italy we had it served to us in a small glass on its own.

Once all the food and drinks were served we seated everyone inside our house to watch the short movie I made from our trip. I LOVED watching everyone’s faces as they took in the video… it made me feel warm and happy – or that could have been the wine!! Check out my roughly edited Italy video here.

The party went far too quickly… now I’m dreaming up our next one! That might have to be our wedding??!! Ha