Christmas Foraging

Christmas Foraging

Part 1: Confetti Family Christmas

Instead of buying your christmas decorations this year, why not forage instead!









“Maybe Christmas… he thought… doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas… perhaps… means a little bit more.”

Oh Dr Seuss, how we love thee.

This old quote from one of the world’s favourite authors is absolutely perfect to represent how we feel about Christmas. Instead of buying into the commercialisation of Christmas we will again this year be making every effort to practice mindfulness and gratitude, giving and kindness. And of course eating. There must be lots of eating.

Christmas should be about family, friends and enjoying as much quality time together as possible. Not about trying to find a park at the shopping centre, long lines at checkouts, searching for the perfect gifts, and stressing over how much money it’s all costing (and how on earth we are going to pay off the credit card debt when the new year rolls around!). Been there. Done that. It’s not fun.

This is what my Christmas used to be like. I remember it well. But a few years ago we changed tact and we have never looked back.

Now we focus on our family gatherings, making as many homemade gifts as we can, and practicing gratitude and kindness during the festive season. Sometimes you really have to work at it, but I’m so happy that we have realised that Christmas is so much more rewarding and enjoyable now that we do.

So this Christmas we’ll be making every effort to use what we have and what is around us. Rather than buying new decorations we’ll be making weekend trips into the hills and mountains around our home to forage for nature’s decorations …the best kind.

The kids absolutely love it – we take a picnic and make it an adventure. You’ll be surprised at what you can find and make with your treasures with just a little bit of creativity… such as wreaths and other decorations for your home, tree and festive table.

All of our decorations for our Confetti Family Christmas gathering were found and foraged items. Our wreath and Christmas star were made from twigs, branches and vines, the feathers were found around down at the creek’s edge, and the gum nuts, seed pods and leaves were in abundance near our home.

We took this shoot one step further and foraged our entire Christmas menu locally too – click here to read more.